Our Venereal Days

by Blind Pelican



From Scott Sell: "Hot wet asphalt. The unrelenting buzz of supermarket fluorescent lights. The inevitable shift in weight as she wakes up and leaves. These are all Blind Pelican. And on OUR VENEREAL DAYS, Doug has hung up the phone and left it sitting on the counter. He's letting all his dirty laundry air out so he has something more than that one gross T-shirt. He's inviting you into the yard, but is peeking from behind the door as he slowly closes it. I might not understand everything he does, but I'll gladly follow him into whatever void he creates."

From Douglas W. Milliken: “I wasn’t going to release this record. Patsy Cline convinced me otherwise. You try to be honest within your work, then worry that the work’s become maudlin with its candor, its vulnerability. But really, it’s just the truth: it isn’t always comfortable admitting how things stand. What’s the value in a truth that doesn’t make you uncomfortable having to own up to? I feel like there’s a long tradition in country and blues of the lone man leaving the things he loves and missing those things while he travels around in increasingly haunting landscapes. Then he comes home and the things he’s loved—the very things he came home for—are long gone. Either having taken their own chances on the open road or maybe just changed so deeply as to be someone or something else. I wanted to make something like that, a compendium of figurative and literal leavings and returns. As if possessing these losses could strip them of their power and thrall. The end result, of course, is an exorcism that backfires. You name the spirits in order to banish them, but the naming becomes a spirit of its own. Now the exorcism needs an exorcism. I become my own haunting ghost.”


released May 24, 2013

Douglas W. Milliken
Matt Brown
Artie Fischer
Scott Sell



Track Name: Be Shut of Me, Ghost / Our Disingenuous Nights
Be Shut of Me, Ghost / Our Disingenuous Nights – How can I forget? / How can I forget you / when your hair is still all over my floor? // Let’s speak our spell of summoning. // New Years night with mouths washed in Ouzo / in a circuit of tongues. // Or breaking my bed on my last night in town. // Or in the ghost woods, wrapped around me in the rain / while our friends look for us / just yards away. // Let’s speak our spell. / Let’s speak our spell / like you say my name. / Just say my name / like it’s my name. // If we remember, / we’ll never lose each other. / If I remember, I will never lose you. / So I remember. / So I remember our venereal days. / Our venereal days. / I’ll never lose you. / I’ll never lose you.
Track Name: Sweet to Me
Sweet to Me (words by Ben Trickey) – You should’ve come to my house and broke down the door. You should’ve / drug me out into your car. We could’ve rode off in style. / Yeah, we could’ve died like soldiers // instead of this cold release. Well, you know what I mean. Darling, / right now I hate you and I know you hate me, but I remember your breath / smelling so sweet to me // instead of these toxic fumes / we fill up the room with, well there’s / so much contempt in the air. / In the air. / Yeah, I can feel it. // Yeah, I can feel it.
Track Name: Woundwood's Crutch
Woundwood’s Crutch – And we are the fallen ones / down on our knees. // And we are the stones / that break our feet. // Never heal. // And we are the stray dogs / begging for a scrap / in the rain. // And we are the long road / that leads us away / from each other. // Never heal. // Never heal.
Track Name: Cellophane
Cellophane – I’d like to let go and still love / but clearly time’s proven I can’t do both / and hating you is not an option. // Was it easier for you / to walk away and not look back? // Did it matter that it was me? / Or could I have been anybody? / Did you just need a body? // Was mine good enough for right then? / Was I good enough for the moment?
Track Name: Pouch & Polyp
Pouch & Polyp – And I’m not ready / to wash away your sweat / from my body. // And I’m not ready / to wash away your spit / from my body. // And I’m not ready / to wash away your blood / from my body. // Just give me time. / Give me time / to forget you / just like you forget. / Just like everyone. / Everyone.
Track Name: DJ Meatslick
DJ Meatslick – I see you pass by on the street / but too late. / Too late. // I’d be a fool / if I chased you down / and for what? / For what? // Just a glimpse / is a landslide. // And oh girl, you know I’m sorry / that you wasted your light, you wasted your light / on me.
Track Name: Our Venereal Days
Our Venereal Days – Let’s spell our psalm of summoning. // Your backwards walk away, saying we’ll meet again, / unwilling to say when. // Or our physical divinity / denied for anonymity: / how my body / or your body / could have been / anybody’s. // Or our new life together / torn apart as a blueprint. // Let’s spell our psalm. / Let’s spell our psalm / like you spell my name / in broken teeth. // We lose each other / as we’re designed to. / We lose each other, but only I lose you / so I remember. / So I remember our venereal days. / I lose you / so I remember / our venereal days. / I lose you. / I lose you.
Track Name: PA Girls
PA Girls – Your edicts are clear: / find some ocean / take off your clothes / or don’t / your clothes don’t matter anyway // wade into the water / past your knees / now wade in deeper / wade in deeper / wade in // feel the saltwater / just beneath your lips / now feel it rise higher / feel it rise higher / feel it rise and rise and rise // hold you breath / now breathe in / hold your breath / now breathe in / breathe in / breathe in.
Track Name: Escape Velocity
Escape Velocity – And I don’t know how I / got so low / but I’m glad I’m not alone / here at the bottom, / mm-hmm. // Every mile from this town that I ever walked or drove / was a mile away from you. / And every mile toward this town that I ever walked or drove / was a mile back to you. / Even when you’re gone, / still stumbling home / to our empty home. // And I don’t know how I / ended up right where I began / with nothing but this old fox’s tail / and these stray dog’s black eyes / and this mouth full of feathers / and these shoes welling up with blood / and these whale bones / and these creaking floorboards / and this grave dust / and the scars of the open road and you. / The ghost of you. / The ghost of you. // The ghost of you.